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Quickly Display the Office Clipboard
Quickly Display the
Office Clipboard
You can make the Office Clipboard easier to
use and more efficient by configuring Office to
display the Clipboard quickly.
A clipboard is a memory location that is used
to store data temporarily. Windows comes with
a clipboard that stores data that you either cut
or copy, and you can then paste the data to a
The Windows Clipboard can only store one
item at a time, which is not always convenient
or useful. However, Office 2010 comes with
its own memory storage area — called the
Office Clipboard — that can store up to 24 cut
or copied items. You can paste the most
recently cut or copied item using the Paste
command, but to paste an older item, you
must display the Office Clipboard, and then
double-click the item you want to paste.
Unfortunately, displaying the Office Clipboard
takes a few steps, so if you use this tool
frequently, you might prefer a faster method.
You can configure Office to display the Office
Clipboard automatically either as soon as it
contains at least two items, or whenever you
press Ctrl+C twice in succession.
Display the Office
1 Click the Home tab.
2 In the Clipboard group,
click the dialog box
launcher icon.
The Office Clipboard task
pane appears.
3 Click Options.
4 Click Show Office
Clipboard Automatically.
Excel now displays the
Office Clipboard
automatically whenever it
contains two or more
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