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Quickly Display the Office Clipboard
Chapter 1: Making Excel More Efficient
Display the Office
Clipboard Using the
1 Click the Home tab.
2 In the Clipboard group,
click the dialog box
launcher icon.
The Office Clipboard task
pane appears.
3 Click Options.
4 Click Show Office
Clipboard When Ctrl+C
Pressed Twice.
Excel now displays the
Office Clipboard
automatically whenever
you press Ctrl+C twice in
a row.
More Options!
By default, the Office Clipboard icon appears in the notification area of the Windows
taskbar. When you have the Office Clipboard displayed and you cut or copy an item in
any Office application, the icon displays a notification that says “ X of 24 - Clipboard,”
where X is the number of items on the clipboard.
If you find these notifications distracting and not very useful, you can turn them off. Click
the Home tab, and then click the Clipboard group’s dialog box launcher icon to open
the Office Clipboard. Click the Options button and then click to deactivate the Show
Status Near Taskbar When Copying command. To disable the actual icon, click to
deactivate the Show Office Clipboard Icon on Taskbar command.
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