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Use Dialog Box Controls to Input Data
Chapter 1: Making Excel More Efficient
Populate a List Control
with Values
1 Add the list items in a
vertical or horizontal
range on the worksheet.
2 Right-click the list box or
combo box control.
3 Click Format Control.
The Format Object dialog
box appears with the
Control tab displayed.
4 Click inside the Input
Range box.
5 Select the range that
includes the list values.
Excel inserts the range
address in the Input
Range box.
6 Click OK.
The values from the
worksheet range appear
as items in the list control.
More Options!
If you add a scroll bar or spin box control to the worksheet, you must configure the
control to return a value from a specified range. Right-click the control and then click
Format Control. In the Control tab of the Format Control dialog box, use the Minimum
Value and Maximum Value spin boxes to specify the range. Use the Incremental Change
spin box to specify how much the control value changes when the user clicks a scroll or
spin arrow. Click OK.
Important! When you click an item in a list control, the item’s position in the list appears
in the linked worksheet cell. To get the actual item, you need to add the following
formula to a cell:
= INDEX(input_range, cell_link)
Replace input_range with the address of the range that holds the list values, and
replace cell_link with the address of the control’s linked cell.
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