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Check for Accessibility Problems
Check for Accessibility
If you have a workbook that will be used by
people with disabilities, you should check that
workbook for accessibility problems that could
make it harder for the disabled to read and
navigate the document.
Spreadsheets that seem ordinary to most
people can pose special challenges to people
with disabilities. For example, a person with a
visual impairment might have trouble seeing
images, charts, form controls, and other
non-text elements. Similarly, a person with
physical disabilities might have trouble
navigating a worksheet.
Fortunately, such problems are often easily
fixed. For example, adding a text description —
called alt text — to a chart or other non-text
element helps the visually impaired understand
what the element does; avoiding non-standard
worksheet structures such as merged cells helps
the physically disabled navigate a worksheet.
You can use the Accessibility Checker task pane
to look for these and other accessibility
problems, and learn how to fix them.
1 Open the workbook you
want to check.
2 Click the File tab.
3 Click Info.
4 Click Check for Issues.
5 Click Check Accessibility.
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