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Check for Accessibility Problems
Chapter 1: Making Excel More Efficient
Excel displays the
Accessibility Checker
task pane.
6 Click an item in the
Inspection Results
Excel uses the Additional
Information section to tell
you why you should fix
the problem and the
steps required to fix it.
If you know your worksheet will be used by people with disabilities, you should build a
new sheet with accessibility as your goal. Here are a few pointers for making a
worksheet more accessible:
Make extensive use of text headings to annotate the worksheet and make it easier
to understand the structure of the sheet. In particular, every row and column should
have a unique heading.
Do not overuse white space such as blank rows and columns. White space usually
helps make a worksheet look less cluttered, but a sheet that has little or no white
space is much easier for the disabled to navigate. Use Excel formatting such as row
heights and column widths to create space within the worksheet.
Use named ranges whenever possible, as named ranges are relatively easy to navigate
using the Go To command in Excel. (To name a range, select it, click the Formulas
tab, and then click Define Name.)
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