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Chapter 2: Making It Easier to Manage Workbooks
Making It Easier to
Manage Workbooks
To get the most out of Excel, you need to
manage your workbook files, and this
chapter will show you the best ways to do
this. For example, you will learn how to
increase the number of recent workbooks
that Excel displays, open one or more
workbooks automatically at startup, and
create a workspace of workbooks that you
can open all at once.
location, the default font and font size,
and the default number of worksheets.
You will also learn practical workbook
techniques such as repairing a corrupt file,
converting a workbook to PDF format,
creating a custom workbook template,
creating a new workbook from an existing
one, comparing two workbooks side by
side, and checking for workbook features
that are not supported by earlier versions
of Excel.
You will also learn a few useful techniques
for changing workbook defaults to suit the
way you work, including the default file
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