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Increase the Number of Recent Documents
Increase the Number
of Recent Documents
You can make it easier to find the workbooks
you use most often by increasing the number
of files that Excel displays on its Recent list.
When you click the File tab and then click
Recent, Excel displays a list of the workbooks
that you have used most recently, and clicking
an item in the list opens that workbook. The
Recent list is therefore a quick way to open a
file, but only if the workbook you want appears
in that list.
To improve the chances that a workbook
appears in the Recent list, you can increase the
number of files that Excel displays. The default
is 22, but you can specify a number as high
asĀ 50.
If you run your PC at a relatively low
resolution, such as 1024 x 768, Excel only has
space to display the first few recent documents,
and it adds a scroll bar to the list so you can
navigate the rest. However, having to scroll to
a recent document just slows you down, so
you can reduce the number of recent
documents to about 15, or whatever number
prevents the scroll bar from appearing.
1 Click the File tab.
2 Click Options.
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