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Open Workbooks Automatically at Startup
Open Workbooks
Automatically at Startup
If you have one or more workbooks that you
always open each time you start Excel, you can
save time by having Excel open the workbooks
for you automatically.
You may often open the same few workbooks
each time you start Excel. For example, if you
are doing the customer billing for your
business, you might always open the accounts-
receivable workbooks. Similarly, you might
have some workbooks that you use throughout
the day, so you always open them as soon as
Excel starts.
The Recent list can help you open these
workbooks quickly, but an even easier method
is to configure Excel to open the workbooks
automatically at startup. You do this by
moving the workbooks to a folder that
contains no other workbooks, and then
configuring Excel to automatically open every
workbook in that folder at startup.
This task assumes that you have created such
a folder and have moved into that folder
the workbook files that you want to open
1 Click the File tab.
2 Click Options.
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