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Open Workbooks Automatically at Startup
Chapter 2: Making It Easier to Manage Workbooks
The Excel Options dialog
box appears.
3 Click Advanced.
4 Use the At Startup, Open
All Files In text box to
type the location of the
folder that contains the
workbooks you want
Excel to open.
5 Click OK.
The next time you launch
Excel, it automatically
opens all the workbooks
in the folder you specified.
Desktop Trick!
If you are not sure about the exact location
of the folder you want to use, open
Windows Explorer and navigate to the
folder. In Windows 7 or Windows Vista,
right-click the Address box and then click
Copy Address; in Windows XP, select the
Address box text and then press Ctrl+C.
You can then follow steps 1 to 3, click in
the At Startup, Open All Files In text box,
and paste the address by pressing Ctrl+V.
Remove It!
If you no longer want Excel to open
workbooks automatically at startup,
there are two ways you can disable this
feature. The first method is to follow
steps 1 to 3, delete the path from the At
Startup, Open All Files In text box, and
then click OK. Alternatively, open the
folder that you specified in step 4 and
then move all the workbooks to a
different location.
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