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Create a Workspace of Workbooks
Create a Workspace
of Workbooks
If you have multiple workbooks that you
always open as a group, you can save time by
creating a workspace for those files and then
opening the workspace when you need them.
If you are a regular Excel user, you may have
several workbooks open in Excel all or most of
the time. Similarly, if you are working on a
project, you may require several project-related
workbooks to be open at the same time.
Whether the workbooks are ones you use
regularly or are project-related, having the files
open gives you easy access to the data you
require; however, opening all those files each
time you need them can be inconvenient.
To make this task easier, you can define a
workspace that includes those files. A workspace
is a special file that acts as a pointer to a
collection of workbooks. When you open the
workspace file, Excel automatically opens all
the files contained in the workspace.
Create a Workspace
1 Open all the workbooks
that you want to include
in the workspace.
2 Close any workbooks that
you do not want to
include in the workspace.
3 Click the View tab.
4 Click Save Workspace.
The Save Workspace
dialog box appears.
5 Choose a location for the
workspace file.
6 Use the File Name text
box to type a name for
the workspace file.
7 Click Save.
Note: If any of your open
workbooks have unsaved changes,
Excel prompts you to save those
changes. In each case, click Save.
Excel saves the
workspace file.
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