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Specify a New Default File Location
Specify a New Default
File Location
If you store your Excel workbooks in a special
folder, you can save time and effort opening
and saving these workbooks by making that
folder the default file location.
By default, when you save a new workbook,
Excel displays your user profile’s Documents
folder (or My Documents in Windows XP) in
the Save As dialog box. Similarly, when you
run the Open command, Excel automatically
displays your Documents (or My Documents)
folder in the Open dialog box.
The folder that Excel displays automatically
in the Save As and Open dialog boxes is called
the default file location. If you store your Excel
workbooks elsewhere, it is inconvenient to
always navigate to that folder before you can
save or open a workbook. To make saving and
opening more efficient, you can change the
default file location to the folder you use to
store your Excel workbooks.
1 Click the File tab.
2 Click Options.
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