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Set the Default Font and Font Size for New Workbooks
Set the Default Font and
Font Size for New Workbooks
You can configure Excel to suit your font
preferences by setting the default font and
default font size that Excel uses for new
When you create a workbook, Excel
automatically applies certain formatting options,
such as the font and the font size. The default
font is Body Font, which refers to the font used
for regular worksheet text in whatever theme is
applied to the workbook. (Each theme also
defines a Headings Font, which Excel uses for
cells formatted with a heading or title style.)
Using Body Font as the default means that the
worksheet font changes when you change the
workbook theme. (See Chapter 3 to learn more
about workbook themes.) This may be the font
behavior you prefer, but if you would rather
have the same font regardless of the theme,
then you need to configure that font as the
You can also configure Excel with a default
font size. The standard size is 11 points, but
you can specify a larger or smaller size if you
1 Click the File tab.
2 Click Options.
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