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Set the Default Font and Font Size for New Workbooks
Chapter 2: Making It Easier to Manage Workbooks
The Excel Options dialog
box appears.
3 On the General tab, click
here and select the
default font you want
to use.
4 Click here and select the
default size you want
to use.
5 Click OK.
Excel warns you that the
change will not go into
effect until you restart the
6 Click OK.
7 Close and restart Excel.
All new workbooks that
you create now use the
font and font size that
you specified.
More Options!
Rather than configure a default font for
Excel, you might prefer to apply a particular
font only for certain workbooks. Press
Ctrl+A to select the entire worksheet and
then, in the Home tab, use the Font
drop-down list to set the font for the sheet.
If you prefer different fonts for headings and
body text, then you can create a custom
theme font, as described in Chapter 3.
Remove It!
If you no longer want to use your
specified font and font size as the
default, you can return to the original
Excel configuration. Follow steps 1 and 2
to display the General tab of the Excel
Options dialog box. In the Use This Font
drop-down list, click Body Font. Then, in
the Font Size drop-down list, click 11.
Click OK to apply your changes.
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