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Convert a Workbook to a PDF File
Convert a Workbook
to a PDF File
If you want to share an Excel workbook with
another person who does not have Excel, you
can save that workbook as a Portable
Document Format (PDF) file.
Microsoft Office is by far the most popular
productivity suite, and Microsoft Excel is by far
the most popular spreadsheet program.
However, although this means that many
people have Excel, it does not mean that
everyone does. So if you want a non-Excel user
to see your Excel data and results, you must
find some way of sharing your workbook with
that person.
One easy way to do this is by using a PDF file,
which uses a near-universal file format that
displays documents exactly as they appear in
the original application, but can be configured
to prevent people from making changes to the
document. Most people have the Adobe
Acrobat PDF reader on their system, and a free
version is easily obtained online from
1 Open the workbook you
want to convert to a PDF.
2 Click the File tab.
3 Click Save & Send.
4 Click Create PDF/XPS
5 Click Create PDF/XPS.
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