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Convert a Workbook to a PDF File
Chapter 2: Making It Easier to Manage Workbooks
The Publish as PDF or
XPS dialog box appears.
6 Choose a location for the
7 Type a name for the file.
8 Make sure the Save as
Type drop-down list
shows PDF.
9 Click to select the
Standard option.
If you will be sharing the
PDF file online, you can
create a smaller file by
clicking to select the
Minimum Size option,
0 Click Publish.
Excel publishes the file as
a PDF.
More Options!
By default, Excel publishes only
the current worksheet to the PDF.
If you want to publish the entire
workbook, instead, follow steps 1
to 9 to open the Publish as PDF
or XPS dialog box and set up the
file. Click the Options button to
open the Options dialog box, click
to select the Entire Workbook
option, and then click OK.
Did You Know?
One problem with PDF is that it is a proprietary
standard (it is owned by Adobe Systems) and you
may prefer to use a format based on open
standards. That is the idea behind the XML Paper
Specification, or XPS. XPS uses XML (eXtensible
Markup Language) for the document syntax and the
ZIP format for the document container file, so it is
based on open and available technologies. In the
Publish as PDF or XPS dialog box, click the Save as
Type drop-down list and then click XPS Document.
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