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Create a Workbook Template
Create a Workbook
You can save yourself and other people a great
deal of time by converting an existing
workbook to an Excel template that you can
then use as the basis for new workbooks.
After you have spent some time constructing a
workbook — adding tabs, inserting labels,
data, and formulas, and formatting everything
just so — you may find that you need a similar
workbook for another purpose. Rather than
starting from scratch, you can either use the
Save As command or the New from Existing
command (discussed in the section, “Create a
New Workbook from an Existing File”) to
create a new workbook based on the existing
However, if you or someone else needs to use
the existing workbook as the basis for many
other workbooks, it is much easier to convert
the workbook to a template file. You can then
easily create new workbooks based on that
1 Open the workbook that
you want to save as a
2 Click the File tab.
2 1
3 Click Save As.
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