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Create a Workbook Template
Chapter 2: Making It Easier to Manage Workbooks
The Save As dialog box
4 Use the File Name text
box to type a name for
the template file.
5 Click here and select
Excel Template.
Excel automatically
chooses the Templates
folder as the save
6 Click Save.
Excel saves the workbook
as a template file.
Apply It!
To use your new template, first
make sure you have closed the new
template file. Click the File tab, click
New, and then click My Templates.
Excel opens the New dialog box,
which includes the Personal
Templates tab that lists the
templates you have saved to the
Templates folder. Click the template
you want to use, and then click OK.
Did You Know?
In the Save As dialog box, the Save as Type list
offers three different types of templates. The
Excel Template file type creates a template file
that is compatible with Excel 2010 and Excel
2007. If your workbook includes macros and you
also want those macros in your template, choose
the Excel Macro-Enabled Template file type. If
you require a template file that is compatible
with earlier versions of Excel, choose the Excel
97-2003 Template file type.
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