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Create a New Workbook from an Existing File
Create a New Workbook
from an Existing File
You can save time and effort by creating a new
workbook from an existing workbook file.
One of the secrets of Excel productivity is to
minimize the number of times you have to
“reinvent the wheel.” That is, you should not
create a new workbook from scratch if you
already have an existing workbook that
contains some or all of the data, formulas, or
formatting that you require in the new file.
One way to do this is to open the original file
and then use the Save As command to create a
copy of the workbook either under a different
name or in a different location.
However, Excel 2010 offers a different method
that is a bit more efficient because it does not
require you to first open the existing file.
1 Click the File tab.
2 Click New.
3 Click New from Existing.
Excel displays the New
from Existing Workbook
dialog box.
4 Click the workbook you
want to use as the basis
for the new file.
5 Click Create New.
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