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Create a New Workbook from an Existing File
Chapter 2: Making It Easier to Manage Workbooks
Excel creates a new
workbook based on the
existing file.
Excel appends ‘1’ to the
name of the original file.
6 Click the Save icon.
The Save As dialog box
7 Choose a location for the
new file.
8 Use the File Name text
box to name the new file.
9 Click Save.
Excel saves the new
When you use the Save As command
to create a copy of an open workbook,
the copy is protected because you
saved it to the hard disk. This is not the
case for a workbook that you create
using the New from Existing command,
because that file is in an unsaved state.
Therefore, be sure to run the Save
command as soon as possible to
preserve the file on your hard disk.
Did You Know?
When you run the New from Existing
command, Excel treats the existing file as a
temporary template that it uses to create the
new file. This is useful because it also means
that Excel adds the existing file to its Recent
Templates list. This means you can create
another workbook from the same existing file
by clicking the File tab, clicking New, clicking
Recent Templates, and then double-clicking
the file.
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