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Compare Two Workbooks Side by Side
Chapter 2: Making It Easier to Manage Workbooks
The Compare Side by
Side dialog box appears.
5 Click the other workbook
that you want to use in
the comparison.
6 Click OK.
Excel arranges the
windows of the two
workbooks so that you
can compare them.
Did You Know?
If you resize, maximize, minimize, or
restore the Excel window, Excel recon-
figures the window to display all your
open workbooks in a tiled view. To
restore the View Side by Side view, click
the View tab and then click Reset
Windows Position ( ). You can also
click this command to restore the view if
you resize any of the workbook windows.
More Options!
By default, Excel configures the View Side by
Side feature with synchronous scrolling: when
you scroll vertically or horizontally in one
window, Excel automatically scrolls the other
window by the same amount in the same
direction. If you prefer to keep one window in
the same position while you scroll the other,
click the View tab and then click to turn off the
Synchronous Scrolling (
) button.
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