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Set the Default Width for All Columns
Set the Default Width
for All Columns
If you regularly widen or narrow your Excel
columns, you can configure Excel with a new
default width that matches your preferred size.
The default column width in new Excel
workbooks is 8.38 characters (72 pixels). If
you require a different width, Excel gives you a
couple of ways to proceed. The easiest method
is to double-click the right edge of the
column’s header, which causes Excel to adjust
the column width to fit the widest item in the
column. Alternatively, you can click and drag
the right edge of the column header to the
width you prefer.
These techniques are not time consuming for a
column or two, but if you find yourself
constantly inserting new columns and adjusting
the width each time, then you should
configure Excel to use your preferred column
width as the default for the workbook.
1 Click the Home tab.
2 Click Format.
3 Click Default Width.
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