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Set the Default Width for All Columns
Chapter 3: Customizing Worksheet Presentation
The Standard Width
dialog box appears.
4 Type the column width
you want to use.
5 Click OK.
Excel formats all the
columns with the new
Note: Each time you insert a new
column, Excel formats it with the
new default width.
More Options!
Rather than configuring a new default
width, you might prefer to leave the
default as is and change the width of all
the columns at once. Press Ctrl+A to
select the entire worksheet. Click the
Home tab, click the Format drop-down
arrow, and then click Column Width. Use
the Column Width text box to type the
width you want to use, and then click OK.
Did You Know?
If you modify the width of a column
before you set the default column width,
Excel does not change the width of the
modified column when you apply the new
default. If you want all your columns to
use the new default, follow the technique
in the previous Tip to reset all the column
widths to 8.43 characters.
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