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Hide Columns and Rows
Hide Columns
and Rows
If you do not need to see or work with a
column or row temporarily, you can make your
worksheet easier to read and navigate by hiding
the column or row.
If your entire spreadsheet model fits within
your screen, then viewing and navigating the
data is not a problem. However, it is common
for worksheet data to extend beyond the
screen by having more columns than can fit
horizontally, by having more rows than can fit
vertically, or both. Rather than scrolling
horizontally or vertically to see your data, you
can temporarily hide columns or rows you do
not need to see at the moment.
Hiding a column or row is also useful if you
are showing someone a worksheet that
contains private or sensitive data that you do
not want the person to see. For other ways to
enhance Excel privacy and security, see
Chapter 10.
Hide a Row
1 Click in any cell in the
row you want to hide.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click Format.
4 Click Hide & Unhide.
5 Click Hide Rows.
Note: You can also hide a row by
pressing Ctrl+9.
Excel removes the row
from the worksheet
Excel displays a slightly
thicker header border
between the surrounding
rows to indicate that a
hidden row lies between
Another way to hide a
row is to move the mouse
pointer over the bottom
edge of the row header
and then click and drag
the edge up until the
height displays 0.
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