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Create a Custom Fill List
Create a Custom
Fill List
You can make it easier to enter a common
series of text values by setting up those values
as a custom fill list.
In Excel, the fill handle is the small, black
square in the bottom-right corner of the active
cell or range. This versatile little tool can do
many useful things. For example, if you click
and drag the fill handle of a single cell, Excel
copies the cell value to the cells you select. If
you enter a couple of values, selecting the two
cells and then dragging the range’s fill handle
usually creates a series of values based on the
two values.
Using the fill handle to create a series is useful
and efficient because it means you do not have
to enter all the series values manually.
However, Excel can only create these automatic
series from certain types of cell values: numbers,
dates, times, or alphanumeric values that end
with numbers. For other series that you use
regularly, you can create a custom fill list.
1 Click the File tab.
2 Click Options.
The Excel Options dialog
box appears.
3 Click Advanced.
4 In the General section,
click Edit Custom Lists.
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