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Maximize Work Space by Turning Off Window Elements
Chapter 3: Customizing Worksheet Presentation
5 Click to select the Show
Horizontal Scroll Bar
6 Click to select the Show
Vertical Scroll Bar option.
7 Click to select the Show
Sheet Tabs option.
8 Click to select the Show
Row and Column
Headers option.
9 Click OK.
Excel hides the window
More Options!
Excel 2010 does not offer an option for
toggling the status bar off and on. However,
you can do this through the Visual Basic Editor
window, which you display by pressing
Alt+F11. In the Microsoft Visual Basic window,
click the View menu and then click Immediate
Window. (Alternately, you can press Ctrl+G.) In
the Immediate window, type Application.
DisplayStatusBar=False and press Enter.
More Options!
Excel offers a faster way to hide the
formula bar and the row and column
headings. Click the View tab, and
then click the Show button. In the
menu that appears, click to select
both the Formula Bar and Headings
options. You can also hide everything
except the title bar by clicking the Full
Screen button in the View tab.
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