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Create a Custom Cell Style
Create a Custom
Cell Style
You can make it easier to format cells the way
you want by creating a custom cell style.
A cell style is a combination of up to six
formatting options: the numeric format; the
horizontal and vertical alignment; the font,
including the typeface, style, size, color, and
text effects; the border; the background color
and fill effects; and cell protection.
Excel comes with several dozen predefined cell
styles, many of which vary with the document
theme. However, Excel also has many cell
styles that are independent of the current
theme, including styles for sheet titles and
headings, and styles that identify totals,
calculations, and output cells.
If none of the predefined cell styles is right for
your needs, you can use the Format Cells
dialog box to apply your own formatting. If
you want to reuse this formatting in other
workbooks, you should save the formatting
options as a custom cell style.
1 Click the Home tab.
2 Click Cell Styles.
‚óŹ The Cell Styles gallery
3 Click New Cell Style.
The Style dialog box
4 Type a name for the
5 Click Format.
The Format Cells dialog
box appears.
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