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Create a Custom Cell Style
Chapter 3: Customizing Worksheet Presentation
6 Use the tabs to select the
formatting options you
want in your cell style.
7 Click OK.
8 Click OK in the Style
dialog box (not shown).
9 Click Cell Styles.
Your cell styles appear in
the Custom section of the
Cell Styles gallery.
Try This!
If you already have a cell that is formatted
using the options you want to use in your
custom cell style, you can use that cell to
make it much easier to create your custom
style. Select the cell, follow steps 1 to 3 to
open the Style dialog box, and then name
the new cell style. Click to deselect the
check box for each type of formatting you
do not want to include, and then click OK.
Remove It!
If you no longer need a custom cell style,
you should delete it to reduce clutter in
the Cell Styles gallery. Click the Home tab
and then click Cell Styles to open the Cell
Styles gallery. Right-click the custom cell
style and then click Delete. Excel removes
the custom cell style and clears the style’s
formatting from any cell to which you
applied the style.
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