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Build a Custom Table Style
Build a Custom
Table Style
You can make it easier to format tables the way
you prefer by creating a custom table style.
A table style is a combination of formatting
options that Excel applies to thirteen different
table elements, including the first and last
column, the header row, the total row, and the
entire table. For each element, Excel applies
one or more of the following formatting
options: the font, including the typeface, style,
size, color, and text effects; the border; and the
background color and fill effects.
Excel comes with dozens of predefined table
styles, all of which vary with the document
theme. If none of the predefined table styles is
right for your needs, you can use the Format
Cells dialog box to apply your own formatting
to the various table elements. If you want to
reuse this formatting in other workbooks, you
should save the formatting options as a custom
table style.
1 Click the Home tab.
2 Click Format as Table.
‚óŹ The Table Styles gallery
3 Click New Table Style.
The New Table Quick
Style dialog box appears.
4 Type a name for the
5 Click the table element
you want to format.
6 Click Format.
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