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Adding a background color
Place the cursor anywhere within the placeholder on the right. In the Insert group on
the Ribbon, click Date & Time to display format options.
Word displays the Date & Time menu.
Select the i rst format, mm/dd/yyyy. Word inserts your choice in the placeholder.
In the footer, click the middle placeholder and type Let’s Talk Cof ee .
Click the placeholder on the left and type Cof ee Corner .
In the Close group in the Design tab, click Close Header and Footer.
Adding a background color
Word provides tools to add a background color to a document page. When you add a
color to the background of the page, be sure that it contrasts with the color of the text. For
example, if you have a dark background, such as dark brown or navy blue, you’ll need a light
text color.
In this exercise, you’ll change the background color of the page.
Click the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon. In the Page Background group, click
Page Color.
Select the third color from the left in the top row, Tan Background 2.
You can choose from a variety of colors for the page background.
Word applies a light tan color to the background.
Choose File > Save. It is always a good idea to regularly save your work.
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