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Understanding styles
Understanding styles
A style is a set of pre-dei ned formatting instructions that you can use throughout a
document. Styles ensure that the elements in your document remain consistent.
For example, if you wanted each heading in a document to have a navy blue color and
16-point bold centered text, you would need to perform several steps to accomplish this.
However, if you store the formatting commands in a style, you only need to apply the style,
thus saving the extra time you would otherwise require to apply all this formatting separately.
Styles are a central tool in Microsoft Word. Everything you type into a document has a style
attached to it. It can be a style you design or the default style of Word, which is called the
Normal style.
Word has four dif erent style types that contain all the formatting necessary to build
a document.
Contains both paragraph and text formatting attributes including
indents, tabs, font style, and text size
Formats only characters, not paragraphs
Applied to tables, and handles lines and shading within the tables
Presents lists of information using bullets, numbers, and indentation
Introducing the styles tools
You can i nd the styles in Word on the Home tab in the Styles group.
The Styles group lets you select and change styles.
The Quick Styles Gallery is useful because it gives you quick access to the available styles in
the template. You can expand the gallery and navigate through it by using the scroll bar to
the right of the styles.
A. Scroll up. B. Scroll down. C. More styles.
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