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Understanding heading styles
Understanding heading styles
Heading styles are distinctive because Word allows you to organize a document using
headings. Generally, you would use Heading 1 for the document’s main heading, Heading 2
for subheadings, and so on.
From a design perspective, a heading should be only one line long, but you can press
Shift+Return to create a soft return in the middle of a long heading if you should require it.
In this exercise, you’ll apply Heading 1 and Heading 2 styles in the word0601_done
Place the cursor to the left of First Amusement Parks, and triple-click to select the text.
On the Home tab, click the More Styles icon in the bottom-right corner of the Styles
group, and select Heading 1 from the Quick Styles Gallery. Word applies the Heading 1
style to the text.
Place the cursor to the left of Bartholomew Fair, and then triple-click to select the text. In
the Quick Styles Gallery, click Heading 2. Word applies the Heading 2 style to the text.
Repeat the same steps to apply the following headings to the following text.
Heading 1
Pleasure Gaining in Popularity , located at the top of page 2
Amusement Parks in the 21st Century , located at the top of page 3
Heading 2
Seasonal Celebrations on page 1
Pleasure Gardens on page 1
The Beginning of the Future on page 2
First Modern Amusement Park on page 2
Disney Theme Parks on page 3
Six Flags on page 3
Choose File > Save or simply click on the Save icon in the Quick Access Toolbar.
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