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Removing a style
Look at the Style Inspector (the most reliable method). You can access the Style Inspector
by clicking the Style Inspector icon located at the bottom of the Styles task pane.
Click the Style Inspector icon The Style Inspector displays
to display the Style Inspector. the current style.
Removing a style
After you apply a style, you might want to return the text to the normal style. To do this, you
can use the Clear Formatting command.
In this exercise, you’ll open a new document and save it immediately. It is a good practice to
frequently save a document while you are working on it.
Choose File > Open. Word displays the Open dialog box.
Navigate to Word06lessons. Click word0602, and then click Open.
Select File > Save As. Word displays the Save As dialog box.
In the File Name text box, type word0602_done .
Click and drag to select Happiest Place on Earth at the end of the i rst paragraph. The text
has an orange color, and you’ll return it to the normal style.
Click the Home tab on the Ribbon. In the Font group, click Clear Formatting.
Click Clear Formatting.
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