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Creating a new style
You can also use Ctrl+spacebar to clear formatting.
Creating a new style
You can create your own styles to store formatting information if you cannot i nd a built-in
style that suits your needs. In this exercise, you’ll create a style called Strong Green1. After
you create it, you’ll apply it.
In the word0602_done document, click and drag to select the bolded Main Street text
and the colon that follows it at the top of page 2.
Click the down-arrow to the right of the Font Color icon ( ) on the mini-toolbar that
appears after you make the selection. Word displays the Font Color menu.
Select Green Accent 1 Darker 25%, located in the i fth column and the second row of
colors from the bottom. Word applies the green color to the selected text.
Click to apply the green color from the menu.
You’ll now save the style you just created.
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