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Assigning a style shortcut key
In the Formatting group, choose Comic Sans MS for the font style and 12 for the font
Click OK.
Notice that in the document only the text that had the Normal styling applied to it has
changed to 12-point Comic Sans MS.
Keep the Styles task pane open to use in the next exercise.
Assigning a style shortcut key
A shortcut key makes formatting much easier and faster than using the Quick Styles Gallery.
In this exercise, you’ll assign Ctrl+S+G to the Strong Green1 style, and then you’ll apply the
style using the shortcut key.
In word0602_done, place the cursor on page 4 below the last line of the document. In
the Styles task pane, point to Strong Green1, and Word displays a down-arrow to the
right of the style name.
Click the down-arrow to display the menu and select Modify. Word displays the Modify
Style dialog box.
In the bottom-left corner of the dialog box, click Format.
Select the Shortcut key.
The Format menu lets you select a variety of options.
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