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Customizing the Quick Styles Gallery
Press Ctrl+S+G, and coni rm that Ctrl+S,G appears in the Press new shortcut key
text box. Click Assign on the bottom-left of the dialogue box. Click Close and then
click OK.
You can assign shortcut keys for any style in the Customize Keyboard
dialog box.
On page 4 select the word Parades and include the colon. You can locate the text at the
beginning of the last paragraph above the In Conclusion section.
Click Ctrl+S+G, and Word assigns the style Strong Green1 to Parades .
Choose File > Save to save your work.
Customizing the Quick Styles Gallery
You might want to use a style listed in the Style pane that is not listed in the Quick Styles
Gallery. Fortunately, you can easily add and remove styles to and from the gallery. In this
exercise, you’ll remove a style from the gallery. You will then add a style to the gallery.
To remove a style from the Quick Styles Gallery:
Click the down-arrow in the Quick Styles Gallery to scroll down, and locate the No
Spacing style.
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