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Introducing the table tools
Introducing the table tools
A table is a way of organizing information. Any time you need information in a grid format,
you can use a table. Rows run left to right, and columns run top to bottom in a table. The
small boxes in a table are called cells, and they can contain text or graphics. When working
with tables, you should be in Print Layout view. To work in Print Layout view, click the View
tab, and then click Print Layout in the Document Views group.
When you insert a table, Word displays the table tools for both design and layout. Using
these tools, you can design and manage tables. The Design tab lets you apply table styles and
borders, and the Layout tab lets you change rows, columns, and cells.
The Table Tools Design tab displays tools to help you design tables.
The tools on the Design tab help you:
Set table style options
Select a table style
Work with table borders and shading
The Table Tools Layout tab displays tools to help you manage tables.
The tools on the Layout tab help you:
Select table elements, such as columns and rows
Insert or delete columns and rows
Work with table borders and shading
Merge or split cells within the table
Adjust the size of cells
Align text within a cell
Sort and manage data within the table
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