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Creating a table
Creating a table
In Word, you can either draw a table from scratch and then add text, or create the text and
transform it into a table. Of the two methods, it is preferable to create the table and then add
the text.
In this exercise, you will open a document and save it. You’ll then insert a table into
the document.
To open the document you need for this lesson:
Launch Word. Word displays a blank page.
Choose File > Open and navigate to the Word07lessons folder.
Click word0701, and then click Open.
Select File > Save As. In the Save As text i eld, type word0701_done , and then
click Save.
Place your cursor just below the sentence Nothing Dei nes a country . Click the Insert tab,
and then click Table.
Click and drag across three columns and down six rows. Word creates a table that is the
same width as your document’s paragraph margins. When you add more columns, each
column becomes smaller.
The Insert Table menu lets you drag to select an
exact number of columns and rows.
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