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Selecting cells within a table
Select the fourth table from the left in the i fth row, called Medium Shading 2 - Accent 3.
Select from a variety of colors and styles.
Click in the top-left corner of the table, type Country , and then press the Tab key. Word
moves the cursor to the second column.
Type Food , and press the Tab key. Word moves the cursor to the last column.
Type Culture Hint .
Click Save on the Quick Access Toolbar to save your work.
Selecting cells within a table
Sometimes you’ll need to select the text within a single cell, a row or column of cells, or an
entire table. Fortunately, Word allows you to easily make selections within a table.
Showing and hiding gridlines
When you are working in a table, sometimes it is easier if you can see the gridlines, especially
when you are working in individual cells.
In the word0701_done document, click anywhere in the table.
In the Table Tools tab, click Layout. In the Table group, click View Gridlines. The View
Gridlines button displays the gridlines in a table.
Click View Gridlines.
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