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Changing the row height or column width
To hide the gridlines, click View Gridlines again.
Changing the row height or column width
You can change the height of rows and the width of columns to accommodate the
information in the table.
When working in a table, be sure that you are in either Print Layout or Web Layout view.You
can use the buttons on the status bar in the lower-right corner of the window to switch views.
You’ll now change the width of the columns.
Click the Print Layout button on the status bar if you are not already in Print
Layout view.
Use the status bar to switch views.
A. Print Layout. B. Web Layout.
In the table, position the cursor over the right side of the Country column; the cursor
changes to a double arrow (
Drag the column line to the left about one-half inch, or to one and one-half inches on
the ruler, and release the mouse.
When you begin to drag the column line, the ruler appears below the Ribbon.
Resizing a table
If you i nd that a table’s dimensions do not suit your document, you can resize the table. In
this exercise, you’ll resize the table to be narrower.
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