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Splitting a table
9 Click and drag the line to meet the line to the right of the word Porcelain in row 12.
10 Click the Save button in the Quick Access Toolbar to save your work.
Splitting a table
You can split one table into two tables. This feature is particularly useful if you realize that the
material i ts more logically into two separate tables.
In this exercise, you’ll split the table in the word0702_done document.
Using the word0702_done document, place the cursor anywhere in row 7. This will be
the i rst row of the new table.
On the Table Tools tab, click Layout and then in the Merge group, click Split Table to
split the table into two.
The Split Table button splits the table into two tables.
Choose File > Save.
Aligning text in cells
To make your table text look more uniform, you can align text or numbers with the top,
bottom, left, right, or center of the cells.
By default, Word aligns table entries at the top-left edge of each cell.
In the i rst table in the word0702_done document, place the cursor over the column
containing the numbers until the cursor changes to a downward-facing arrow and click
to select this row.
On the Layout tab in the Alignment group, click the Align Center icon ( ) to
horizontally and vertically center the text within the selected cells.
The Align Center icon centers the text horizontally
and vertically within the selected cell(s).
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