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Adding shading to cells
In the second table, place the cursor over the column containing the numbers until the
cursor changes to a downward-facing arrow and click to select this row.
On the Layout tab in the Alignment group, click the Align Bottom Right icon (
) to
align the text to the bottom right corner of the selected cells.
The Align Bottom Right icon aligns the text to
the bottom right corner of the cell.
Adding shading to cells
You can add shading to cells to call attention to the information contained within the cells.
In this exercise, you’ll add shading to the title of the two tables.
Place your cursor in the cell containing Miscellaneous Stains .
On the Table Tools tab, click Design.
To the right of the table styles, click Shading to display the Shading menu.
Choose the shading for the cell from the Shading menu.
Select the gray color located in the second row under the white color, called White,
Background 1, Darker 5%. Word shades the cell gray.
Repeat the same process for the cell containing the title Floors and Tiles .
Formatting a table
You can apply a pre-dei ned format to a table. In this exercise, you’ll apply a format to the
second table in the word0702_done document.
Click anywhere in the second table, titled Floors and Tiles , and then on the Table Tools tab,
click Design.
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