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Adding a formula to a table
In the Table Styles group, click the More arrow on the Styles menu to display the Table
Styles menu.
The Table Styles menu of ers many colors and styles for the table.
Select any table style in the top row. Word applies the table style that you choose to the
table your cursor is occupying
Choose File > Save and then File > Close.
Adding a formula to a table
You can place a formula in a cell and let Word automatically do the math for you.
To open the document you need for this lesson:
In Word, choose File > Open. Navigate to the word07lessons folder and
double-click word0703.
Select File > Save As. In the Save As text i eld, type word0703_done and click Save.
In this exercise, you’ll insert a formula into a table and calculate the total cost of a list of
Place your cursor in the blank, shaded cell located in the bottom row of the table,
next to Total .
On the Table Tools tab, click Layout and then in the Data group, click Formula.
The Formula button adds a formula to
a cell to perform a simple calculation.
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