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In the Formula dialogue box, leave =SUM(ABOVE) in the Formula drop-down menu
because we want the current cell to display the sum of the contents in the above cells.
In the Number Format drop-down menu select $#,##0.00;($#,##0.00) to display the
calculation in currency. Click OK.
The drop-down menu contains many number formats.
Word adds the column and displays the sum in the number format you chose.
In the table, change the top number in the right column to 1160 . Select the sum by
clicking to the left of the current total $2,121.00. Keep your mouse cursor over this cell
and right click. Choose Update Field and see how Word changes the sum to $1.980.00.
Choose File > Save, and then choose File > Close.
Congratulations! You have i nished the lesson. In this lesson, you have discovered how to
organize and display data in tables using the design and layout tools that Word provides.
Self Study
Open the word0703_done document.
In the table labeled On Your Own :
Merge all cells in column A
Delete column D
Shade row 1 a red color of your choice
Insert a row under row 4
Split the cell in column C row 2 into 2 cells
Split the table after row 2
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