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Introducing the graphics tools
In the Shape Styles menu, select the style in the third row, second from the left called
Light 1 Outline, Colored Fill - Blue, Accent 1.
To ensure that the image is centered on the page, select Align located in the Arrange
section and choose Align Center.
Choose File > Save.
Adding a picture
You can include a picture, such as a .jpg or .png, in your Word document.
In the word0801_done document, click below the completed WordArt image and press
Shift+Enter twice to leave space between the existing image and the image you are
now placing.
On the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group, click Picture.
The Picture button allows a picture
to be inserted from a i le.
Navigate to the Word08lessons folder; click word0802, and then click Insert.
Word inserts a picture of a koala in a tree and displays the Picture Tools tab on the
Ribbon. Notice that the picture is selected and has handles around its edges.
Press Ctrl+E to center the image on the page.
To delete a picture, click on the picture to select it, and then press the Delete key.
Cropping a picture
You can crop a picture, screen shot, or clip art to reduce its size or change the focus of the
image. In this exercise, you’ll remove some of the dark background and greenery in the
picture so that the focus is on the koala and the tree.
In the word0801_done document, click the image of the koala to select it, and then click
the Picture Tools tab.
In the Size group on the Ribbon, click Crop.
Click Crop in the Size group.
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