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Introducing the graphics tools
Inserting a clip art image
You can add clip art images to your document. When you search for an image, you can
specify the types of media you want to search for: illustrations, photographs, videos, and
audio. In this exercise, you’ll search for clip art in all media formats. You may need an Internet
connection for some parts of this exercise.
Choose File > Open and navigate to the Word08lessons folder.
Click word0805, and then click Open.
Select File > Save As and in the File Name text i eld, type word0805_done . Press Save.
Now, you’ll add some clip art to the table in the word0805_done document.
In the table, click the cell in the i rst row under Image, and then click Insert on
the Ribbon.
In the Illustrations group, click Clip Art. Word displays the Clip Art window to the right
of the document.
In the Results should be drop-down menu, deselect all checkboxes except the
Audio checkbox.
In the Search for text i eld, type raindrops and click Go. Word displays the search results.
You can search for illustrations, photographs, video,
and audio clips in the Clip Art window.
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