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Introducing the graphics tools
Select Rain on Lake. Because this is a .wav audio i le and is larger than a .jpg i le, it
might take several seconds for the .wav i le to appear in the table.
To hear the .wav i le once it appears in your document, simply double-click the icon.Your default
audio program plays the i le.
Place the cursor in the Image column of the squirrel eating row.
In the Results should be drop-down menu, deselect the Audio checkbox and select the
Illustrations and Photographs checkboxes.
In the Search for text i eld, type squirrel eating and click Go. Word displays the
illustrations and photographs that match the search criteria.
Select the photograph on the left. Word inserts the photograph in the table.
Now let’s resize the image so that it i ts better within the table.
To resize the image:
Click the photograph to select it, if it is not already selected, and then click the Picture
Tools tab.
In the Size group, in the Shape Height text i eld ( ), type and press Enter. Word resizes 1
the photograph of the squirrel so that the height is now 1 inch.
Adding a shape
You can add graphic shapes such as lines, arrows, and stars. In this exercise, you’ll add a heart
to a document and then you’ll use the Shape tools to format the heart shape.
In word0805_done, click the Insert tab on the Ribbon and then in the Illustrations
group, click Shapes.
Click Shapes in the Illustrations
group on the Ribbon.
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