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Wrapping text around an image
Wrapping text around an image
When you insert an image into a Word document, you can control the way that text wraps
around the image. Word provides text wrapping options so that you can work with text and
graphics to achieve the layout result you want.
In line with text
Text does not wrap around the graphic.
Text flows in a square around the graphic
regardless of its shape.
Text flows around the graphic’s outside edge; this
style works well with a non-square shape.
Text flows around the graphic.
Top and bottom
Text flows around the top and bottom of the
graphic but leaves blank space on the sides.
Behind text
Text flows over the graphic as if the graphic were
not there.
In front of text
Text flows behind the graphic.
In this exercise, you’ll wrap the text around an image.
In word0805_done, click the picture of the dog on page 2. Word places handles around
the image and displays the Picture Tools tab on the Ribbon.
Click the Format tab, and then click the Wrap Text icon in the Arrange group.
Click the Wrap Text icon to
reveal text wrapping options.
Select Square. Notice that the text forms a square boundary around the image.
You can display graphics and
text in a variety of ways.
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