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Self study
On the Smart Tools tab, click Design, and then click Change Colors.
Click Change Colors.
In the Colorful group, select the third diagram from the left called Colorful Range -
Accent Colors 3 to 4.
The Change Colors menu gives you options to accent your diagram.
Please circle the third diagram from the left in the Colorful group.
Double-click anywhere outside the diagram to i nish.
Click File > Save, and then click File > Close.
Congratulations! You have completed this lesson, where you have discovered how to
work with graphics to add color and interest to your document.
Self study
Open word0801_done, and click the WordArt graphic of Happy Birthday Rocky. Select
a blue-colored WordArt option to replace the one you created in the lesson.
Select the picture of the koala and crop the image with a shape other than an oval.
Open the word0805_done document, and add the caption Man’s Best Friend to the
golden retriever photograph.
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