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Excel Lesson 1: Microsoft Excel 2010 Jumpstart
The project
In this lesson, you will open an existing worksheet. You will then add data and format
the worksheet.
Launch Microsoft Excel 2010.
Choose File > Open and navigate to the Excel01lessons folder that you copied to your
computer from the DVD that came with your book, and then double-click excel01. An
Excel document opens to display a worksheet.
The Excel workspace is similar to that of other Microsoft Oi ce applications. The tools
are conveniently located on the Ribbon running across the top of the window.
The Ribbon displays dif erent tools depending on the tab that you click.
You can enter data into any cell of a worksheet by typing directly in the cell or using
the formula bar. The formula bar appears directly below the Ribbon and displays the
contents of the selected cell. The Name box appears to the left of the formula bar and
displays the cell address.
A. Name box. B. Formula bar.
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