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Merging and formatting cells
In the excel01_done document, move the cursor to the left side of row 7, and click to
select the row. On the Home tab, in the Cells group, click Insert to insert a row above
the selected row.
In cell A7, type Transportation .
Move the cursor to the top of column H, and click to select the column. On the Home
tab, in the Cells group, click Insert twice. Excel inserts two columns to the left of the
selected column.
Click cell H2 and then type Jan-Jun Total . Click cell P2 and then type Jul-Dec Total .
If you want to insert more than one row or column, select the number of rows or columns that you
want to insert before you apply the Insert command. For example, if you want to insert two rows,
select two existing rows.
Choose File > Save to save your work.
Merging and formatting cells
Sometimes you need to create a single large cell. For example, you can merge many cells to
make room for a worksheet title to give the worksheet a cleaner appearance.
In this exercise, you’ll merge cells and center the text within the resulting cell. Then you’ll
add a cell style to the title.
In the worksheet, click cell A1 and drag to cell P1. In the Home tab in the Alignment
group, click Merge and Center.
Excel merges the cells and centers the text Annual Fitness Budget .
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